EFFECTIVE JAN 23rd: Saturday scrap purchases will be made at our Old Frankfort Pike location ONLY. Our 7th Street and Rockcastle location will be closed on Saturdays. 

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As The Temperature Rises, So Do Steel Prices

We will pay the following prices effective Wednesday, May 4th:

Clean Tin, Appliances, & Shred *  100.00  nt Bare Bright Copper


5’ P&S ** 130.00  nt #1 Copper                1.65 lb
Unprepared P&S 110.00  nt #2 Copper                1.50 lb
3’ #2 Steel ***


nt Insulated #1 Copper (72%)                  .80 lb
Mixed Iron (Unp. #1 & #2) 110.00  nt Insulated #2 Copper (52%)                0.40 lb
Unclean Motors 115.00  nt Yellow Brass                1.15 lb
Auto Cast 135.00  nt Radiators                1.10 lb
Mixed Cast ****                                 100.00  nt Secondary Alum Extrusion                0.40 lb
Heavy Breakable Cast 60.00  nt Cast Aluminum                0.35 lb
Unprepared Rebar                                       85.00  nt Sheet Aluminum                0.35 lb
Torching/Machinery                            85.00  nt Painted Siding                0.40 lb
Irony Aluminum                0.10 lb
Scrap Vehicles ***** Aluminum Radiators


Without Fluid & Tanks 110.00  nt Aluminum Car Wheels ******                0.55 lb
With Fluids & Tanks 100.00  nt Alum/ Copper Radiators                0.85 lb
18/8 Stainless                0.25 lb
Aluminum Cans Unclean 18/8                0.05 lb
Over 100 Pounds .42  lb Electric Motors                                   0.10 lb
Under 100 Pounds .40  lb

Low Grade Electric Motors

               0.04 lb
Auto Batteries                       0.20 lb
Catalytic Converters Up to 100.00  ea
Based on Inspected Grade
                                            THE ABOVE PRICES ARE FOR UNCONTAMINATED MATERIAL

*Appliances must be drained of freon by a licensed HVAC company
**P&S size specification is 5’x2’ 
*** Steel wheels must be free of wheel weights
**** Cast iron pipe must be free of all lead contamination
***** Vehicles must have legible VIN. Junk title receipt required if not a Hulk vehicle. Mercury switch must be removed. Tires that are on the vehicle are acceptable. No extra tires. 
****** Alum wheels must be clean: no valve stems or wheel weights.  Chrome wheels will be priced 15¢ less.



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